About Me

I’m a thirty something who’s had the luxury to eat out a lot, ranging from hole in the walls to high-end restaurants in Vancouver. 

My parents have shaped my perspective on food.  Both my parents worked in the restaurant industry.  My dad owned two unsuccessful Chinese restaurants in early 90s as a means to pay the bills, mortgage and raise a family.   My mom briefly worked in the kitchen at Snow Garden during its heyday in the early 80s.  When it comes to my love of food, I definitely inherited that from my mom who shares the same passion and is the better cook.

My palate is built on 3 cuisines: Cantonese, Japanese and Italian.  It continues to be expanded everyday.

My View on Food:

I am a person who respects food.  I believe food is not a simple commodity to be had, like the latest edition purse or gadget.  The human need for food unites us all.  Food has the ability to nourish the body, comfort us when we’re sick and even be a gateway to a new culture.

Men and women around the world raise and grow the food we eat here in Vancouver and another set of individuals craft those foods into meals.  

I feel we as a society sometimes take for granted the meals that are so accessible in hundreds of eateries across the city, without realizing the hard work involved in those meals.