Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Food for Thought: Chef Tony at Metrotown - Dim Sum in a Food Court is not the same

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Chef Tony at Metrotown
It felt very weird

The room was filled with voices gossiping, people catching up, and mothers chastising their young children to sit down and eat.  As I stared at my dim sum, I wonder what I had gotten myself into. 

Richmond’s Chef Tony’s new endeavor is a food court stall at Canada’s second largest mall.  Their eight piece combo enable to me to try the restaurant’s beloved dim sum offerings.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just Wow! – Juke

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Lip Smacking Good Fried Chicken
Nice Details at Juke

Not all restaurants begin their life running fast.  Sometimes it’s a cringe worthy wobbly mess of a start.  Eateries that survive and eventually thrive, figure it out and rapidly improve.

When I first visited Chinatown’s Juke, I was fairly disappointed.  The fried chicken was not good.  However, they had just opened, and there was something about the flavour of the ribs I really enjoyed.  I made notes, filed them away, and decided to return later to see if there was positive progression.